Racism Rules Schools

by Dr. Bill Conrad excerpted from The Fog of Education “My teacher told me to my face that this school was a lot better years ago when they had only white kids to teach. – High School Student, Seattle, WA Just imagine the courage it took for a young Black teenager to stand up at […]


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Let the Games Begin

Let the Games Begin Dr. Bill Conrad Article Submitted to San Jose Inside February 5th, 2018 Gather round my fellow citizens to hear the amazing tale of your faithful servant in his quest so reminiscent of the ancient travails of the magnificent and great Greek King, Odysseus.  As you recall, the story begins with my […]

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Fake Accountability Dr. Bill Conrad January 9th, 2018 It is truly surreal to see the Federal Department of Education under the mendacious Trump administration call out the California State Board of Education for significant and accurate flaws in its State’s Accountability Plan for K-12 schools.   The primary responsibility of our school districts and schools is […]

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Strength in Numbers

Article submitted to San Jose Inside The Strength in Numbers motto adopted by the Golden State Warriors Basketball team beautifully represents the organization at multiple levels.  The most obvious manifestation of this motto can be found immediately upon opening their App or visiting their Web site where they proudly post their current Win/Loss record along […]

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State Data Visualization Support?

  Getting access to quality data visualizations does not seem to be a priority for most state education agencies even though they are very important to support the development of both district and school improvement plans.  In California, the Data Quest system visualizes data in a very bureaucratic and user-unfriendly fashion.  And mere mortals should […]

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A New Conception for SIP Development

Many school improvement plans are built using templates provided by the state or from the school district.  These traditional plans look and feel very bureaucratic and they primarily serve the purpose of fulfilling a state or district requirement.  They often include a plethora of actions that are often disconnected from each other.  They generally do […]

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